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Past Life Regression Therapy Delhi Gurgaon Noida

Welcome, I created this to share my experiences about Past Life Regression Therapy (Jati Smarana),¬†Spirituality, Meditation with you. It’s all about how I started my journey, where I have reached and what more is still to be discovered in this journey of life to death and death to life.

It took many years, many ways to find all this but now as I know the way so I want to share it with you all. I believe this is why I have blessed with this by GOD.

What you will find if you are here : You will find the answers of your questions that have been disturbing your life. This website is for my friends who genuinely are facing problems, have deep interest in spiritualism, wants to discover their past life and genuinely want to get out of their problems and live life in present and positively . My purpose is to solve problems of my friends with the help of past life regression, meditation, giving them the positive energies and try to help them to make a step ahead towards spiritualism.

our main work is not just to show your past life but also to teach you to live your life with happiness and to celebrate in each moment. Happiness and problems are both an equal part of our life.
one can not always wish for happiness. If you learn to see your problem as a witness and handle them with patience and being alert so such problem does not affect us very much. We get affected from problems only when we don’t accept them as we do accept the happiness. One should understand that what we get is what we deserve on the basis of our karma’s, either in present or past life. Once we understand this, we will start living our life in totalitySS.

What is Past-Life regression ?

Past Life Regression Therapy Delhi Gurgaon Noida

Past Life Regression is a process where we try to find out the reasons of problem that have been troubling our present life and because that we are unable to live a normal life.

So where are these problems coming from?

If we are unable to find the reasons of our present problems or fears in the present life of ours then there must be something that has come from the past and may be we have forgotten that. So, we have to go back and search those reasons in the previous lifetimes where we have been in different forms and characters.

When we come to know the previous birth of ours, one thing that we realize is that it is an endless journey.It is really not about one or two lives. We are here for a long time now and in this endless journey , we have become witness of several incidents and thus we have collected many memories such as fears, angers, sadness, love, guilt, stress, anxiety and such emotions and feelings are so deeply inherited in our subtle body that it keeps on affecting us life by life till we understand it,and more over experience it and come out from it knowingly. Its upto us that once we know it, we should not carry it to the rest part of our life.

When we see a past life it always starts from the end of previous life and then goes on in a rewind mode. With the help of therapist we see the important events of that life and their relation to our present life. During the process one is totally aware and can easily understand and relate everything. When person comes out of the session, he/she knows everything and can improve themselves with the help of meditation as they now know the reason and Karma. Meditation will be the way to meet our soul, which keeps on the journey alive by taking birth again and again and after completing the cycle of karma’s, it can get out and free from this cycle of birth and death.

neelam singh meditation

Meditation is moving from the outer world to your inner world. Meditation helps us to meet our soul, our real self. Meditation let us understand mind that makes us keep thinking continuously 24 hours about negative things and thus stress also becomes the permanent companion. We carry ourselves calm and composed in front of everyone but in reality we are being broken inside. All emotions are suppressed by our own self and that suppression starts affecting our physical and mental state and becomes the reason of many diseases, mentally and physically.SS

Meditation calms our mind gradually and it increases the peace of mind as well and thus it impacts positively on body too. Meditation makes mind pure and pure mind leads to a healthy body. Positive energy flows all over our mind and heart that can be seen in every little aspect of life and work. We seem to be indifferent to the thoughts that are negative; their influence seems to be minor and in result we feel delighted. The environment around us becomes positive. The energy of love diminishes ego, anger, negativity, stress and sense of insecurity.We feel thankful towards god and want to share love and blessings of god with everyone.SS

Meditation purifies and improves our soul and mind.