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Welcome to the place which can be a perfect medium (if you let yourself go with the flow) to be able to receive the love and help that universe is trying to send you that will help you to find the answers of your unsolved mysteries, to get solution for all those problem that is keeping you away from living your happy and healthy life and finally to be on a platform that can show you the light to walk your path (the one you are actually supposed to walk) and grow in you spiritual journey.

Life is a beautiful gift but at many stages of life because of our life issues such as career, studies, relations, health, finance, etc. , we all come to a point where we feel like there is no meaning to it or we sometimes even feel that life is so unfair , either  we are unable to understand the whole situation or we just want to control it but whatever we do it all end up with overwhelming emotions like loneliness, anxiety, depression, frustration , behavioral disorders, heart break, suicidal  tendencies , etc. At such point of time we all really need someone or someplace where we could find the answers or solutions to our problem. This is such a place where you can come seeking for help and guidance anytime.



Akashic Records

Akashic Record, also known as “Chitragupta ki kitab” where all karmic details are written of each and every human being.  Not just karmic details but the journey of each soul, their growth, their bonds,.....

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression is a process where we try to find out the reasons of problem that have been troubling our present life and because that we are unable to live a normal life.

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Services In Delhi

We provide past life regression services in Delhi & NCR. Past life regression is a solution to the problems that we carry from our previous lives and those problems are affecting our present life, when in actual no such incident happened that can be cause of those problem. In past life regression we get rid Continue reading →

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Training

PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND HEALING THERAPY TRAINING These past life regression training sessions are for those who genuinely wish to improve spiritually and help others also to become aware about life through meditation and get spiritual growth. Past Life Regression and Healing Therapy Training Course contents (Few Major Points) :- Detailed explanations and discussion over Continue reading →

Akashic Records

Akashic Records- Akashic Record, also known as “Chitragupta ki kitab” where all karmic details are written of each and every human being.  Not just karmic details but the journey of each soul, their growth, their bonds, all their past lives, present situations and future possibilities. These records help us to access those events which now Continue reading →

Tarot cards

Tarot cards are such a divine tool that gives you exactly what you need. Tarot cards give you answers that you have been unable to find and show you what you need to do in the given situation. They can help you decide your action, your journey, your decision and much more when you yourself Continue reading →

Spiritual Counseling

Sometimes more than any therapy what we really need is to share our inner & truest feelings that we cannot share with anyone but at the same time really want someone to listen each and everything that is making us suffer inside. This is where you actually can come to us to release your pain Continue reading →

Why Choose Us

Here at SMARANA, we strongly follow the instruction of divine, our spirit guides and masters. We are just the medium and here we only do the services that we are blessed and allowed to.

No big promises but the real experiences. Let us tell you very honestly that no one has a magic potion that you will buy and drink and all your problems will be gone forever. Its your life and your problems so your efforts and understanding are equally important. It’s not the main question if we can help you or not, the biggest question is if you are willing to let us do that?

We just want to share & spread the love that universe showers on us but we constantly miss out on it due to our daily life issues, hectic schedules & busy lives. We have created this space with the blessings and messages of our spiritual masters that we received during our many years of journey that we spent to explore all the aspects of inner exploration that can help us dealing with many life problems that is beyond the capability of human mind. To really follow the path of our real journey and to achieve goal of our life, we ultimately need the guidance of our masters, angels and our own soul.

Our main work is not just to show your past lives or help you with your present situation but also to teach you to live your life with happiness and to celebrate it every moment. Happiness and problems are both an equal part of our life. We cannot always wish for happiness. If we learn to see our problems as a witness and handle them with patience and awareness so the problem will not affect us very much. We get affected from problems only when we don't accept them as we do accept the happiness. One should understand that what we get is what we deserve on the basis of our karma's, either in present or past life. Once we understand this, we will start living our life in totality and the one who lives in totality and awareness, cannot do wrong karmas anymore.