Two Brother, Same Dream.

dreamsA man came for PLR. He had a fear of height and another interesting issue was that same dream come to him and his brother. They see a car accident, an old man asking for a help and ambulance. Third issue was that although they were not twins but they both fall sick together and get fever at the same time.

During PLR he saw that he is a 10-12 year old boy. He saw the construction of his house going on and saw many labors and his father supervising them. He saw himself playing with other labor children with a ball that got lost and in anger he pushed a girl and accidentally she fell from the terrace and died. Because of their poor status, parents of that girl couldn’t say anything and family of this boy succeed in hiding the incident from others. But that accident affected the boy for his whole life as he lived in fear and guilt till his death and carried it to the other lives also.

In second life he saw himself and his brother in the same relationship. They saw a hill station where they were playing together. He saw a car falling from a hill and out of curiosity they stay there and see the whole accident but suddenly they see a man asking from inside the car for help. They both got scared and ran into their home and hide themselves in a blanket. They both fell sick together because of fear. Later in that life whenever they used to talk about this incident they always fell sick. At the end of that life he saw himself sick and died. His soul saw his brother recovering from sickness after his death. Whole life they lived in a guilt that they should have helped that man.
Both the brothers went through a same situation together and it affected them both in a same way. They both got scared, fell sick, lived in deep guilt. This guilt was carried along in this life also and affecting them till now and this was the reason of the same dream.
After healing this man felt relaxed and happy and he is now able to set himself free from those guilt and will help his brother too.
Parents should always tell their children to share everything with them without any fear. Be it a dream, accident, problem, suggestion, etc. , they should freely come to parents and tell them.
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