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It was great experience. I don't know what is truth but something i felt. which is close to my heart.
Thanks for this wonderful experience.

I am feeling much better, relax, calm and without any stress. This session gives me all the reason of my fear and stress.

I felt relaxed and reduced Fear from Water.
I felt without body. I was flying in the sky. All things were moving. I was feeling all life .

Hi Mam,
Had come to you 2 weeks back for past life regression therapy. Have started with my prayers and meditation, feeling relaxed and better so thanks for this experience.

Very different and amazing experience. Feeling different and relaxed.

It was my first time , had an amazing experience. Could not concentrate fully but would love to try again.

I was searching for a place where I can get my regression from all my negative deeds from past I get. “ Smarana, Thankyou.

Smarana ke sath mera experience bahut hi acha raha. Maine meri khud ki personality ko jana. Bhagwan se meri nafrat ka reason bhi jana. Ab mai apni problems ko samajh ke unse free hone ki koshish karungi.

Thanks to Smarana past life regression jisne mujhe mujhse milwaya.

Feel very calmed and now know every reason of the basic problem and after regression I'm no more confused about any cause of problem and very happy. No why, what and when- everything that is happening is because of my own choices that I made to learn my lessons. No one else is responsible, only I'm responsible for everything.

A truly different experience, after past life regression session I'm feeling more confident and much relaxed. Relaxed to know that the uneasiness is coming from a different lifetime and nothing to do with present so I have enough time now to overcome and live happily. Thank you Smarana

Got an insight into past life but need to understand more.

It was an awesome experience. I’m feeling very peaceful and relieved, feeling very positive with my knee and ankle pain diminished.

I express sincere gratitude towards person (Smarana) for taking me to past life.
Thank you so much.

It was the first time I did past life regression. At first I was little confused and  was a bit nervous but gradually I was relaxed and understood everything. During the regression I saw myself in many of my past lives and hope it will sort things out in this life Thanks 🙂

It`s really very good I was searching my identity from ever since. Now I know who I am. I am feeling lighter like a feather. Now positivity is there. Now I come to know that why I am a very short tempered person. But finally thanks to that soul whom so ever has created this world has also build a chain from life to life and person to person.

Smarana has played an immortal role in my life. I am never going to forget this.

Thanks a ton.

Dear Mam, Thanks for the different experience I had yesterday.It was not some life altering experience but but it helped my soul to understand so,e of the unanswered questions regarding my relation with most important persons in my life. I hope that all this understanding will help me grow spiritually. May god bless you.

She is brilliant mediator, a great counselor and healer. Thanks Smarana for this wonderful experience. Thanks for healing my pain and finding the answers of my questions that i was looking for.

It has been an amazing, relaxing and remembering experience.

Thank you so much, I got the answers of so many questions. I would like to come here again. I'm happy and satisfied.

One of the most astonishing experience of my life. Its amazing how past life connects to present. An in-depth life experience

Very relaxing and rejuvenating experience, saw 3 lives that really helped me.

I went for this therapy for the very first time under the able guidance of Mrs Neelam Singh. I was really scared but she calmed all my fears and helped me being relaxed. She is a very genuine person who is also a master of her profession. I was able to see many visions of my past lives and they helped me to understand my present life in different aspects. I am really thankful to madam for this experience and I hope this experience will help me to be a better person. As she guided me, I am paying more attention towards meditation now. Thanx again

It was a wonderful experience to go in the past life and learn so many beautiful things. It is good to get awakened at early stage to purify and make our life more enchanting and worthwhile.

I had fear of height since my childhood. I was never able to reach a substantial reason for my fear but after my PLRT I know from where this fear was coming from in me and i am sure now i will be able to face it.

Also, I had a strange connection with my younger brother which used to surprise even my parents. I also came to know it was because of our past life and guilt which carried on this life also because of which we where connected in this way.