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wpid-wp-1421424436637.jpegA 27 year old girl came for a past life regression for her problems in her relations with others.  Her present relation with her brother (Rakhi brother) also started facing problem right after sometime it started. She gets a feeling of her son from her brother.  She also had a problem with fire. She wasn’t afraid of fire but never liked it. She feels better near water. She has a friend also with whom she was supposed to get married but this couldn’t happen due to some health issue.

During regression she saw herself as men . He had a son (her rakhi brother in present life). He was working in a company where there was a manager (her friend in present life) who was very supportive and caring for him. She saw that his son is coming from abroad after completing studies. He wanted him to join his business but his son was interested in music and wanted to become singer. He got angry and never supported his son. Son requested him many times to sit and talk to him and try to understand but he didn’t listen him due to his ego. Later he saw that he and his wife are waiting for his and that manager was also there who filed a missing report in police station. He saw himself talking to his manager that he should have listened to his son. Next day he saw his son’s dead body and got to know that he died because of an accident. In burial he saw himself standing there and looking to his son’s body burning in fire. He gets the feeling that this fire has taken his son, his everything.

As time passed he saw his wife keeping a distance from him and blaming him for his ego and rigidness. After sometime his wife also died. He saw rest of his life sitting alone near a river.

In other two lives also she saw himself as men and saw her rakhi brother as her son. In one of the life she again pressurized him for getting married to a girl of her wish. Because of that his son ran away from home and never came back. He spent all his life by missing his son.

The health issue was also connected to another life in which he was going to attend a marriage where on the way a lady requested him to take her son to the hospital as he is very sick but he instead of helping her pushed her behind. Her son died there so that lady cursed him alot.

During healing she asked for forgiveness from that lady.

Post regression that girl understood the things very well and she decided to make all relations fine. She decided to leave her ego aside and give her positivity to all her relations.

If we see that in every life we are repeating the same mistakes so we should realize it and start making it right from now only otherwise there is no benefit of doing past live regression. We should love people instead of holding them with our ego. We should respect them and give them freedom of doing what they want. If we are able to spread love in our relation so each relation in each life will give us a new way and positive vibes that will help us to grow spiritually.

(Many things could not be explained/mentioned because of not sharing too personal details of our client)

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