Recognize a real face of a person and listen to your heart

A girl came for plr based on the fear of marriage and love. Whenever her family ask her about her marriagetwo-faced-people she always get scared and she was afraid to be in a relation or affair etc. She also get confused in most of the situation and is never able to make decisions.

In this life she has a male friend with whom she earlier had a good friendship but once when they were alone in the office that men tried to abuse her physically, she escaped from the situation safely and later exposed him in front of the whole office but since that men was a good friend of a manager so he just received a warning for not doing this again. He later apologized a lot and she again started talking to her but maintaining a distance this time.

She also has another male friend who has been very nice with her and has proposed her for marriage as well but she is still not agreed to marry as she has a fear of something that she is not aware of.

Now when she went through the regression she saw a beautiful white house where she saw a men sitting in a chair having cigar and she is sitting at the corner, afraid of him. When asked to explain more, she said that she is kidnapped by this men and he is saying that you are my wife and you cannot be anyone else .Going little back in time, she saw herself in Italy, studying in a college where she saw the same men whom she saw in 1st vision (recognized as her present office friend) whose name is Robert, is a flirt and a guy with a bad behaviour. Later she saw herself in a party with her college friends. There is also a men named William (another friend of present life who has proposed for marriage) who is her friend and he likes her alot and wants to marry her as well. Later she saw that she is in the washroom of that party venue where suddenly Robert comes and starts abusing her physically, on defending herself and saying that she doesn’t love him, he starts beating her so badly that she gets fainted. Later he takes her in a car to a church where he forcefully gets married to her. Later he takes her to his home which is a very big house and it seems that Robert is very rich. His mother knows the girl and the family and she asks her son that what she will answer to her parents. He tells his mother that she kept on rejecting me that is why I had to take this step. He locks that girl in the room and doesn’t allow her to go anywhere and spreads the false news that she has run away with some guy. She later saw that he rapes her, beats her, and misbehave like anything. While all this continues, she also saw that she has two kids. Later she went ahead ten years and saw that she goes to market to buy her son a toy where she meets William and on asking she tells him everything.  William asks her to go with him and meet her family but she denies saying that she can’t spoil her children’s life and while they were chatting Robert comes there and take her and children home back. After coming back he fights with her badly.

Later she saw that Williams comes to her home with her father and they take her and children with them after having a long fight with Robert. While she was staying in her father’s home, she saw that one day when the whole family is gone for the marriage; William comes there and ask her to go for outing. She says no but he forcefully takes her out for a dinner where he proposes her for marriage and says that he will take care of her and the children also. Robert comes there suddenly and starts fighting. After this they all go back to their homes. Next morning, Robert comes there and again beats her but on her rejection for going back he says sorry and promises her that he will not do all that again and behave good with her. She then forgives him but suddenly William comes there and asks her that how you can forgive him so easily, I have been waiting for you whole life and now you are going back with him. They start fighting again and this time William kills Robert by stabbing a knife. Girl asks her that when everything was becoming fine then why  you killed him, he says that my life was ruined because of you both and even kills her as well by stabbing knife in her lower body where she still has pain in present life.  This life ends and she goes away carrying the fear of fights, marriage, love and all with her that she is still holding in present life.

She saw two other lives where too William killed her.There are always some personalities that pretend to be nice in front but there true nature is opposite to what they show. Such people are negative by heart and can carry bad intention in their mind for others but never let others realize it. Because of our fears and thoughts we are unable to realize peoples truth and even after realizing the vibration coming from that person, we keep ignoring that. Fear keeps us moving from one relation to other in search for the security but such decisions can be wrong sometimes. if we make our decisions with awareness then we can search all the answers within itself and to understand the inner voice there is only medium, Meditation.

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