Positive vs Negative


Jan 2016- For last couple of months all of a sudden me and my whole family started facing financial and health DSC_1279issues but in last month it had become worst. During diwali i suffered immense pain due to several health issues and celebrated all occasions with this pain only. My mother works from home and has been successfully running it for more than two years and her work had never suffered even for once but last month it was almost nil and we were highly surprised with the happenings and this is when i decided to do the past life regression session based on this.

Past Life Regression-  i saw a huge river and its ghats and saw myself as a new born baby. I was in a room where my mother (my present life’s mother) was telling my father that goons are coming to take me so they should hide me but my father doesn’t agree and says no matter what they will take me. They were coming to take me for sacrifice (Bali) to please the god. To save me from this my mother cuts my finger as then i couldnt be used for bali. I told the place was hari ka dwar, haridwar. The river i saw was ganga, a huge beautiful ganga.

There was a rich old man who used to give new born babies bali. He was considered prestigious by villagers and they never said anything to him. My father used to work for him.There was another case with the village that there were frequent cases of girls getting lost/ missing. But nobody ever took any action.

Later i saw myself swimming in ganga, i was an excellent swimmer since i spent all my time near that river. I saw holi celebration near ganga ghats and saw myself 5 years old. I was too playing holi with my friend who later goes missing from there and was never found again. I ask my parents but dont tell me anything but i feel that they are hiding something. This leaves a great affect on me and i start maintaining distance from home and spend my time with the group of people who used to reside near our village and perform walking on ropes, stick and other arts. I even start learning all this from the leader of that group who took care of me as a daughter. As i grow up i become very beautiful, athletic, strong. Because of this i was already noticed by that man my father was working for and i was called too for his household work. I start working but i used to go and come very early. In between i saw that a girl from group goes missing and while working on his house one day i find that girls necklace and shows it to leader. I stop going there after that. He told me that he would go and search there. One day around 3-4 am in the morning i go to ghat for swimming but hide after hearing some noice and see that goons come there and leaves a dad body there. After they leave i go and find leader there. He was already dead but i notice that he is wearing a tabiz which was never there before, i remove it and flow his body in ganga. I decide to burn that tabiz. I realise the same tabiz is worn by my parents too. I get very angry because of my leaders death and decide to find out all on my own.

I train myself hard for the same. I knew that men goes to ghat every morning for about an hour. This is the time when i decide to go his home to search clues. When i go i find a room next to his house which exits to river. When i enter the room i get shocked seeing all black magic set up. Many skulls on the wall, tied with the tabiz on each skull. I soon realise that black magic take place here at big level. On studying and searching more i got to know that he was not practicing it on the body but on the soul as well which means trapping them for lives. I decide to burn that room.One day in the morning in his absence i go there, put gangajal in the whole room, on the walls and as i was about to set fire, they catch me and hit me. They take me to ghat where that men comes and try to tie the tabiz on my neck but i manage to escape and sink myself in the river. While leaving that body i curse that men that those on whom he has done black magic will be free one day but he will never be free until i set him free. I curse him that he will roam around in restlessness, finding answers, freedom but will not get until he apologies from heart.

Messages from the Master– after session when i was taken to spiritual garden i met my master who asked me to visit Haridwar and get ganga water from there and put its drops all over my place as my house is under the affect of black magic and negative vibes and to break this we must use our positive vibes. He also said that we must keep faith and wait for the right time as most of us take wrong steps out of insecurities and that is where we put ourselves in trouble. We must believe in existence and let it do its work.

Present Connection-I met this men few months ago only. He is an old man who came our home few times for some work. First when he came everyone was impressed by his sanity but the day he came i had a bad dream about him but ignored thinking it pointless but dreams continued to come. During that time only i suffered all those health issues when i took past life regression therapy for that, I got my answers. As expected he was a bad men so I decided to stay away as i was getting affected alot. He was gone after his work was done and i was in relief but then other problems started happening.

Conclusion- I visited haridwar and did all that i received in messages and things have started changing positively but this doesn’t mean that this could be a solution to everyone. It worked for me because I have a deep past and spiritual connection with Ganga which i never knew before the therapy, in fact i dont like visiting temples and all as i dont like pandit and the atmosphere there.

Weather you know it or not connections always work, last year around the same time (Feb 2015) i  got a chance to visit Ganga, I actually had gone to Rishikesh and while coming we decided to take train for which we had to come haridwar and strange fact is i spent around an hours time at the same ghat opposite to which i booked a hotel this time and this time too i spent many hours looking at river from that ghat, I’m sure this must have a past connection too. Only difference is that last time i wasn’t aware of my connection with Ganga but still it affected me as when i came back my love relation was over that has been hurting me for long. I got to spent time with my co-employee, a girl and we became best friends and had a best fun time of my life, I got a great hike in salary, and most important i was totally a different person as i had grown spiritually but at that point of time i thought all this has happened because of my break-up but no that was the positive affect of my visit to Ganga that i can now feel. 

Its not that i have got a permanent solution, but i have understood one thing that its all about positive vs negative. Negative people will continue to trouble you always, all you need to do to fight with them is to keep yourself calm and positive, thats the only way out. Another important thing is that even negative people comes in your life with fake mask, behaving good and positive so please always listen what your heart says, anything can be wrong but not your heart. Be with people who make you feel good, go to the places where you feel peace, watch good movies, listen good music, stop complaining and start thanking for all you have and most important experience it yourself because before all this even i had no belief in such things.

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