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Past life regression sessions in Lucknow

Date- 18th to 20th, February 2016.

For Booking Contact:- +91-8586904270 (Meera)

Email:- info@smarana.in

















Past life regression training sessions are for those who genuinely wish to improve spiritually and help others also to become aware about life through meditation and get spiritual growth.

=>Course contents (Few Major Points) :-

->Meditation techniques – to make trainees calm and peaceful so they can understand and learn this process deeply.
->Detailed explanations and discussion over the concept of Past life regression.
->Detailed explanations and discussion about all type of past life regression therapies like relations, career, finance, studies, spiritual etc.
->Detailed explanations and discussion about the levels of consciousness and how past life regression study can help us to improve those levels.
->Detailed explanation and discussion over the concept of Karmas.
->Detailed explanation and discussion over the concept of Healing.
->Observation of practical sessions done by the therapist.
->Practical sessions of the trainee on all the subjects.
->Practical sessions will be provided for the trainee to do.