Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Services In Delhi

We provide past life regression services in Delhi & NCR. Past life regression is a solution to the problems that we carry from our previous lives and those problems are affecting our present life, when in actual no such incident happened that can be cause of those problem. In past life regression we get rid of such problems only. Past life regression can be done based on any topic, out of which followings are some major problems we face:

Fear & Phobia Regression-

Phobia is an intense fear which makes you feel suffocated, stressed, anxious, out of control and terrified. Sometimes you don’t understand the reason of it or you find it unreasonable, still you can’t control your fear. Your whole life gets disturbed in understanding the cause of it as no such event happened in your current life. For such cases past life regression is a very effective therapy that will not just help you to find the reason of your fear, in fact will help you to overcome from it by the help of healing.

Relationship Regression-

In this process past life regression can help you in many ways. Relationships are the most important part of anybody’s life. Most of our problems are related with our relations, sometimes we are not happy with other and sometimes others are not happy with us. With some people we feel very deep bonding and on the other side with some people we feel so negative that we want to avoid being with them. To understand love or hate, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, positive or negative of our relations, we need to go back in previous lifetimes and see what kind of relationship we share with each of our important relation. When we go through past life regression, we can understand the reality of our relation with someone, we can be aware of some mistakes that we did in past life and correct them in this life. We can also beware of people who pretend to be our friend but in reality they are opposite.

Health Regression-

In this past life regression therapy helps us to cure the pain that has no medical reason but still it happens. There are many cases where people have such pains that they are not able to resolve or find the reason of it even after so many medical treatments and checkups. Such pains are mentally and can be cured with the help of past life regression therapy. In such cases we go back to past lives and see the reason of it. Once we know the reason, pain starts disappearing and with the help of healing and daily meditation, it vanishes like it was never there before.

Spiritual Regression-

This one topic of past life regression is for those who want to see their spiritual side. We all have a different nature and belief about religions, karmas and god. To understand more about ourselves and in which life we have lived any kind of spiritual life and up-to what level, we can take a help of past life regression as it helps us to go back in our past lives and get answers of all our questions.

past life regression

Financial Regression-

This is another problem that comes for which we go through past life regression. We all wonder that why somebody is blessed with all the luxuries and someone doesn't even get one time food. Why is this difference there? On what basis are we given this or that kind of life? Many of us deal with financial problem and sometimes get so frustrated that we start blaming god or our luck but there is always a reason that can be found by past life regression. When we go into past life regression we see the reason of our problems. It happens sometimes that in any life if we have money but don't value it and misuse it so in next life we have to go through the financial crisis to understand the value of it. It's all about learning lessons and improving our soul about every aspect of life. Once we know the reason we become calm and deal with situation in a better way.

Depression Regression-

A strange sadness is always with you. A kind of restlessness which you cannot understand that why it is happening with you. One doesn't feel like doing anything and wants to be lost in thoughts that you are not even aware about. We cannot be happy completely , live our life happily as a strange depression keeps us sad all the time and the the frustrated part is that we don't know where it is coming from? In such cases past life regression can help us as we can find a reason of this depression with the help of it and once we know and understand the reasons, we slowly start coming out of it and live our life in each moment.

Career Regression-

That's the very common problem which is seen now a days and you might think that what does this have to do with past life regression but the fact is that past life regression can help you in this area also as problems related to career like you work hard but result is always bad, you are good and confident but when situation comes you become nervous and you don't know why, every job you take you find people who wants to exploit you, every place you go for study, you end up getting into wrong company, you find yourself incapable of making decision and the list goes on. All these problems do belong to past life and by doing past life regression one can understand the situation as it happens sometimes that we make some wrong decisions and suffer alot that this goes so deep into our soul that every life when this same situation comes we unconsciously becomes weak and it will go on till we face the situation in right and positive way in any of our life. Past life regression helps you to realize your weakness and healing allows you too come out of it.