Past Life Regression Healing

Here at SMARANA, we strongly follow the instruction of divine, our spirit guides and masters. We are just the medium and here we only do the sevices that we are blessed and allowed to.


Past Life Revelation for You:

This service is being presented for those who are unable to see their past life through regression.

Dev Rachana has been practicing it for years with the help of our respected clients who showed faith in us and allowed us to recognize this ability to help others in their journey.

It all started with one of our client who visited us few years back to experience his past life. He couldn’t be regressed and after regression he informed us that he had visited many therapists but was completely unable to see his past life. He tried multiple times with us but the result was always same. By then he had started doubting the therapy and requested us to allow him to be a witness of someone else’s past life regression. Since we have a policy of keeping the information of our clients confidential so it was not possible to fulfil his request but considering his situation and keeping his faith alive we decided to do this with another therapist. We decided that one would do the therapy and the other will witness the life. For us also it was a different experience but his search was so intense that we just flowed with the situation. We started off with spiritual side of Dev Rachana and soon she was witnessing her lives but this is when she entered a life where she found that men and continued. For us it was a shocking surprise but we continued and she experienced 2 lives for that client. After the regression we all were amazed as we never had imagined of this because he just wanted to see the live session but no one had an idea that it would end up being a life changing experience for all of us. He then requested us for more sessions on his behalf and we continued and witnessed many of his lives that he believed and assured us because whatever we told him was completely relevant to him as he could highly relate to every detail and the convincing part was that he was totally a stranger to us and we had no idea of his life or personality or anything.

Once the door was opened it started coming naturally to us. Soon we started taking permission from our known people to allow us to witness their life and developed this therapy where we do this reading for others but only if the spiritual masters allow. Even in this technique, there are cases that were denied from the masters as it was not the time yet for that person to know.

There are many people who are unable to experience their past lives or do not want to do the therapy on their own or do not have the circumstances to be available for the therapy so in such cases this technique has been immensely useful.

Absolute Healing Therapy:

Absolute healing therapy is a combination of multiple therapies that works with the help of divine blessings of spiritual guides and masters that assures you to show you the divine light and right path to follow and come out of your struggle.

The way every individual is unique and different from each other, so are their problems and the solutions too. For some it might be crystal healing or for some it might be angelic healing, or for some it could be deep rooted healing, or anything. We all have so different aura and soul conditioning that even for the same problem each of us requires different kind of healing that is chosen by our spirit guides themselves so our first priority is to let our clients connect to their guides or in case of any obstacles, we connect on their behalf and then follow the instructions as per the guidance.

This therapy is highly affective and provided for every area of life for people who are facing any type of obstacles, blockages and negativity in life and suffering through any kind of emotional, physical, financial, psychological, spiritual, etc. conditions.

 There are multiple issues that can be solved through our Absolute Healing Therapy Sessions such as:

  1. Health conditions that are not resolving through medical treatment
  2. Anxiety and Depression
  3. Fear and Phobias
  4. Financial Blockages
  5. Lack of confidence and focus
  6. Emotional Suffering
  7. Spiritual blockages
  8. Black Magic Removal
  9. Spirit attachment
  10. Other unexplainable conditions

Distance Healing:

It’s a powerful healing technique that allow us to send you positive healing energies through required mediums and help you to deal with your current life situation and remove all negative energies and blockages that have been stopping you from leading a happy and healthy life.

Sometimes all you need is a small effort and belief to help yourself. Many people don’t have enough strong auras and will to fight against the negativity in their life. Sometimes we don’t even realise that our day to day problems are nothing but a blockage created by either our own negativity or someone else’s, that can be released through positive healing and some of our simple day to day techniques which can create a big positive difference in our life.