Fear of being murdered

This case is written by the person only in his own words who went for PLR session.
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Dear Madam

It was a very good soul cleansing experience. I came for a PLR session on 25th of July. My experience in brief:-

I went back to the year 1529, I was a general in the Rajput kings army and Mughals invaded Bikaner. I was killed in the battle. Then I further went back to 11th century when a 30 year war took place between Richard Lionheart – Christians and Sultan Salahuddin – Muslims for Jerusalem. I was the army chief of King Richard and had a magic sword – Excalibur. I was murdered in my tent in the night for the sword. Then I further went back to 2500 BC, when emperor Chandragupta Mauriya established Nalanda university and I was a Buddhist monk who established this university – I died a natural death at old age. Then I came back to 1945 – June 7. I was an American pilot in a US Airforce B-29 bomber on a mission to bomb Berlin. My plane gets hit and I eject and para glide down to the streets of Berlin, get captured and killed by German soldiers.

This was my experience – key learning – I have to find my magic sword and the number 13 plays a major role in my life.

Fear From Spirituality

A 35 year old man came with a strange problem. He belongs to a family where the atmosphere is very spiritual and he himself is quite attractiveimages (2) to spiritualism but he still is afraid of meditation which is the only medium to know your real self. He feels that the moment he would enter the meditation, he will loose everything and everything will be spoiled. He would go away from his loved ones.

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Depression & Dissatisfaction

calisan-memnuniyetsizligi2A young man came for a past life regression who belongs to a normal family, doing good job and having good earnings. He is living a normal and a happy life but still he is not satisfied. He doesn’t feel like doing anything.  He is not so ambitious and doesn’t have much desires. He feels no use of running after money or fame.He always feel an emptiness inside.

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Carrying the thoughts and fear from one life to another

promise-broken-love-heart-beach-sand-water-bird-lady-girl-woman-sun-symbolA girl came for a past life regression with the problem of having fear and restlessness about dates. She gets negative thoughts about the dates and at the same time she waits for something to be happened.

In her past life she saw herself getting married to a rich man and shifting to another city after marriage in 1974. She was a very beautiful young girl staying in a big house filled with all the luxuries. She was all alone there but. Her husband used to visit her very less and be out of town most of the time. Later she found that he was married to other women also in different cities. whenever her husband gave her any date for visiting her, she desperately used to wait for him by marking the dates on the calender but he never turned up. This kept on happening and she kept on waiting for the date he would turn up. Later she saw that one day he called him and gave her the date of 24th for coming to meet her. She waited for the date but on 24th morning she got a call from him informing that he wouldn’t come. She had a long argument with him over the phone.
Later she saw herself in lot of anger, drinking alcohol and breaking all the things at home. She got tired and at the end kills herself by cutting her hand with the broken piece of glass. She dies staring at calender and after dying her soul goes in search of him and finds him partying. Watching this her soul decides that she will never meet this man again.
The girl who spent whole her life waiting for her husband and dying also while waiting has taken a new birth in new body but the fear, thoughts and insecurities of past life has also come with her which is now affecting her present life but she is not able to understand the reason. After the session she now knows the answer and can overcome from this with the help of healing and awareness.
It happens when a fear, pain or a problem is there in our daily life so it goes so deeply inside our soul that it follows us to the next lives also till we find the reason and overcomes from it.

Pain that we give to others, always comes back to us

Karma (1)A person came with a problem of his stomach pain that occurs only when he gets money from somewhere. The reason for this could not be found even after all the medical checkups.

Focusing on this problem we started the PLR session in which he saw himself as a rich man in a village . He found that he was always after money in that life and considered money more important than his family or anything. Neither he used his wealth in meaningful way, nor he helped others. As an important event in that life, he saw that he killed a man for money with the help of his servant. They poisoned his food and threw that man out of that place. No one could found his body. Due to that poison, the murdered person’s stomach got swollen. He saw him dying with lot of pain. At the end of this life, his conscious mind reminds him of what he did with others whole life.

He felt that for further lives, his soul decides to get rid of greediness, to learn for growth. Because he killed someone for money so in this life he is going through the same pain because of money only.

If we are the reason of someone’s grief, we also have to feel what we did to others. Life is not only about me, it is about us. For every lesson, we will be placed into different characters, different roles in different lives. And thats how our soul decides to re birth to learn the remaining lessons, which we haven’t learned. If we have killed or hurt someone, sometime we’ll also have to go through the same path.

Closed Doors


downloadA lady came for a PLR session. Her problem was that there is a man who lives in the same building as her. She feels so attracted towards him and each time she passes through him, she feels immense pain in her heart and goes blank for few moments.She started falling in love with her and with each passing day her love was growing strongly. She became so restless that she decided to finally confront that men and after doing so she got to know that the man also has some feelings for her and she had a feeling that he loves her so deeply. They spoke once or twice and that lady was so happy but suddenly that man stopped talking to her and started ignoring her.

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In times of Ramayana…

Introduction to RamayanaAlthough I have got number of sessions done and have found answers of my questions and solutions to my problems but I again went through a session as everytime I do it, I get an unexplainable peace inside me and a lot of confidence, understanding and much more, So when I was going through a session this time i didn’t know and even expect what I’m going to find today.

During the process of going to a PAST LIFE which my therapist was performing. I first started going back into this life only than my previous life (which I saw in another session) and then I saw myself with a dead body, the feeling was that I killed that person but suddenly that person gets up and hit me on my face but as the relaxation process was still going on, I reached to a past life I saw an empty village and couldn’t see even a single person around and felt my soul watching all this then suddenly, I saw a big beautiful hut or  i can say a mud house which was extremely clean, decent and big enough. Suddenly I realized that it was the time of RAMAYANA and that hut was of Ram, Sita and Laxman.

I was wondering that I cannot be one of them and I told my therapist that I cannot feel myself anywhere, she told me to concentrate and feel where I was, How I was able to see all this, than I felt that I wasn’t in a category of human till then and felt myself as a tree and can’t explain the difference between that time and present time. It was like spirituality was their in everything, in air, trees, I mean everywhere. The kind of peace, love, spirituality was present in the atmosphere, it was something out of our imagination.

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Why To know our Past Life

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1motherA 24 year old boy came to me with a problem of deep loneliness. One reason was present in this life only that he lost his parent in early age only. He lost his mother when he was 14 and after 6 years he lost his father also. Still had this question that why did this happen to him and he is having a guilt also of not being able to save there parents. Fact is that in this life he was too young that he could save his parents and the reasons were medical only that why is this guilt growing in him?

In his session he saw himself in a village with his younger sister in family. He saw the day when his parents went out somewhere but never returned . Both brother sister waited for them and than he went to search them but could not find them. He could not know anything about his parents in that life but later saw that her sister got married to a family where she was killed because of the dowry issue. This was the time when guilt entered him for not saving her sister or not getting her back to home. That life ended lonely after that and he died alone.

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