1motherA 24 year old boy came to me with a problem of deep loneliness. One reason was present in this life only that he lost his parent in early age only. He lost his mother when he was 14 and after 6 years he lost his father also. Still had this question that why did this happen to him and he is having a guilt also of not being able to save there parents. Fact is that in this life he was too young that he could save his parents and the reasons were medical only that why is this guilt growing in him?

In his session he saw himself in a village with his younger sister in family. He saw the day when his parents went out somewhere but never returned . Both brother sister waited for them and than he went to search them but could not find them. He could not know anything about his parents in that life but later saw that her sister got married to a family where she was killed because of the dowry issue. This was the time when guilt entered him for not saving her sister or not getting her back to home. That life ended lonely after that and he died alone.

To find the reason related to parents we went back into another life where he found himself in Italy with two old people but it was not clear if they were his parents or relatives. He saw himself as a very bad guy who never bothered for anyone. They took care of him since his childhood and brought him up with love but this boy still didn’t accept them as the parents. He found so much anger and bad habits¬† and was not at all attached to his family because of which his childhood and even the whole life was lonely. Later he saw an important event where he was arguing with those old people for some reason and in anger he hit them with a rod and after realizing his mistake he took them to the hospital but the old man died there only, and in fear he ran away leaving them there only. What happened to the old lady was not clear. Later he found himself on roads as a beggar and all alone filled with immense guilt, he died because of starving.

Conclusion:- He killed his parents and that is the reason that in this life also he had to grow up without mother and with father he was not sharing a good relationship and he too dies in early age. Another important fact was that in another life he was not able to save her sister from the cruel death because of dowry and in this life being an elder brother he is fulfilling all the responsibilities.

Similarities:- In this also he is having so much loneliness and anger in himself. He saw his present sister as his sister in past life also.


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