Pain that we give to others, always comes back to us

Karma (1)A person came with a problem of his stomach pain that occurs only when he gets money from somewhere. The reason for this could not be found even after all the medical checkups.

Focusing on this problem we started the PLR session in which he saw himself as a rich man in a village . He found that he was always after money in that life and considered money more important than his family or anything. Neither he used his wealth in meaningful way, nor he helped others. As an important event in that life, he saw that he killed a man for money with the help of his servant. They poisoned his food and threw that man out of that place. No one could found his body. Due to that poison, the murdered person’s stomach got swollen. He saw him dying with lot of pain. At the end of this life, his conscious mind reminds him of what he did with others whole life.

He felt that for further lives, his soul decides to get rid of greediness, to learn for growth. Because he killed someone for money so in this life he is going through the same pain because of money only.

If we are the reason of someone’s grief, we also have to feel what we did to others. Life is not only about me, it is about us. For every lesson, we will be placed into different characters, different roles in different lives. And thats how our soul decides to re birth to learn the remaining lessons, which we haven’t learned. If we have killed or hurt someone, sometime we’ll also have to go through the same path.

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