A boy in his mid 20’s came for a past life regression. He has a girlfriend he is been in love with her since long. Before

he met this girl he was a bright and cheerful person who was good in everything, be it studies or work. But ever since he met this girl, he started being in depression, could not focus on work and he started being unsuccessful in every thing he does. He feels that this girl is the reason for his bad luck and sometimes he feels if i was not with this girl, all would have been fine. Even his family was also upset and suggested him to leave that girl. He tried staying away from her for a month and actually felt positive result but after going back to her again it all started getting disturbed again. Their relation although was very good and personally they had no issue.  But since he loves her he didn’t want to give up so he came for past life regression.

During past life regression therapy, he saw himself as a poor boy staying on street with his family and earns by making iron tools. Village name was Khadimpur and it was year 1939. He saw himself at the age of around 18 when one day a girl of same age comes to him to buy some tool and he gets attracted to her. After that girl leaves he follows her till her home. Later he keeps roaming around her house and one day try to talk to her and they become friends. Later he saw there is another boy who is criminal also like that girl and on knowing that he gets afraid that he might kill him because of that girl and started fearing from that criminal boy. He gets so afraid that whole day he keeps thinking that if he wouldn’t have met that girl he would have been safe and this slowly starts affecting his work too. He still meets the girl but always keep fearing. One day that girls friend come and tell him that the girl is killed by someone. He gets shocked and on enquiring he gets to know that same criminal boy killed her. He keeps roaming around her home hoping that one day she would come out and meet him. He starts forgetting her by time and get married to someone else but never have a child due to which he is unhappy with wife too. Due to all these circumstances he keeps spending his life in depression and dies.
So here a new chapter comes that if we meet new people and there is some impact on our life, its not always the others fault so we should really look around and use our will power to come out of all odds. It was not the girl who was affecting his life but his own fear and insecurity that was disturbing him. Good that boy came and got his answers and now he saved himself from taking a wrong step by leaving that girl. Now he is clear and he has decided to fight the situation on his own and heal himself with the help of meditation. He is feeling even more loving towards that girl now and will marry her only.

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