Meaning Of Love

fd0ab247521a24e9bd9739024dad9751A lady came for a PLR session based on her relations. Most of her relation are not very positive, mainly with her mother and daughter. She gives her best in every relation but get blames at last. 

During PLR she saw herself as a young girl having a very careless nature who always wanted to play and enjoy her life.She then got married to a king who is her husband in present life as well  She herself was a normal village girl but one day king saw and wished to marry her. After getting married also she didn’t change her behavior and remained careless about her relation, as a queen and her life. King tried to make her understand her responsibilities but she didn’t listen. Later she saw that because of her mistake, king locked him in a room. She ran away from there but a lady who used to stay nearby in her village(her mother in present life) informed the king about her escape. King called her back but being very disappointed with her he shifted her to another palace where she stayed alone. She got very angry with the women who had informed the king about her escape. She got so frustrated because of staying alone, Later she saw that in anger and frustration she established herself as a powerful queen with the help of her  brothers but remained cruel with people. She used to punish people for their mistake. She even took revenge from the lady who had informed the king. She forced her and the other lady who had come with her but had not done any mistake( daughter in her present life) to eat poisonous sweet and they died because of that. She spent rest of her life being angry and frustrated like this. She died with the same feelings.

Whatever wrong she did with others in past life, she will have to correct it by giving love to them and fulfill her karma with positive things. When we are with someone, we don’t realize their value and do not care about them till they leave us. When they go away then also sometimes instead of accepting our mistakes we start blaming other and behave bad with all. This is not the right way of love. We should understand that when we are with others then only we have to respect and value them and live each moment happily with them. Love is our nature which is not just about one or two relation, instead we should love all relations equally because what we give others, will as it is come back to us, be it positive or negative.
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