Married Life Without Love

Signs-Of-An-Unhappy-MarriageA lady came for PLR. It’s been 10 years of her marriage and she doesn’t share a good relation with her husband. They always fight for several reasons like money, physical intimacy, responsibilities, etc. She said that she feels very uncomfortable in her husbands presence as she feels that he is forcefully holding him and not letting her live. He always treat her like a servant and the lady was not at all happy in her married life. She also told about a men she met around a year back who was attracted towards her and initially approached her but when she tried to talk to him he ignored her and stepped back and now behaves as if nothing ever happened. Although he still cares for her that is clear from his actions but he never says anything. She also feels some very deep connection with him.

When she went into PLR, she saw herself in a village as a young beautiful lady. She saw that she was sold to a men (her present life husband) who brought her to his village. He kept her at his place and treated her so badly. She saw that he was an impotent men and because of his this weakness he abused her physically. He used to do many unnatural sexual activities with her that was a painful torture for that lady that was hurting her body and soul both. She later saw a friend (her daughter in present life) in that life with whom she used to share her feelings and problems.

In that life she also met a men (The person who likes her in present life) and they both fell in love. She got the love and happiness from that men that later became her strength to go through the torture that men was still doing on her. Later she saw that the men she was staying with got to know about her love affair. He got very angry and lady was beaten so badly. Later the men who loved her asked her to come with her but that lady was so scared because of that long torture she had been facing that she was unable to get courage and sent him back. She saw all her life spending with that men who tortured her through out her life and died.

She saw some other lives also revolving around these 3 people, herself, her husband and the person she loves. She saw the same story in all life that her husband never let her meet her love and always came in between, directly or indirectly.


After the regression she told me that she always feels like irritating her husband and she just doesn’t want to see him happy. Although she many times have tried to make things right with her husband but was always unsuccessful and she even feels guilty for that. But now as she has seen her lives so she has decided to forgive her husband and setting herself free from him because she now knows that she is connected to him because of revenge and not love. She has also found her love that she cannot get in this life but can definitely make things correct for her coming lives.

It’s not important that all marriages happen because of love. Sometimes we also decide to get along with that person because of anger, revenge, jealousy but we always forget to realize that by doing so we are hurting ourselves as well as doing wrong against wrong is not the right way to fulfill karmas. We can get free from all this by forgiving the other, live with people who love and are positive and let go the negativity. At last we should transform all negativity to positivity through meditation.