In times of Ramayana…

Introduction to RamayanaAlthough I have got number of sessions done and have found answers of my questions and solutions to my problems but I again went through a session as everytime I do it, I get an unexplainable peace inside me and a lot of confidence, understanding and much more, So when I was going through a session this time i didn’t know and even expect what I’m going to find today.

During the process of going to a PAST LIFE which my therapist was performing. I first started going back into this life only than my previous life (which I saw in another session) and then I saw myself with a dead body, the feeling was that I killed that person but suddenly that person gets up and hit me on my face but as the relaxation process was still going on, I reached to a past life I saw an empty village and couldn’t see even a single person around and felt my soul watching all this then suddenly, I saw a big beautiful hut or  i can say a mud house which was extremely clean, decent and big enough. Suddenly I realized that it was the time of RAMAYANA and that hut was of Ram, Sita and Laxman.

I was wondering that I cannot be one of them and I told my therapist that I cannot feel myself anywhere, she told me to concentrate and feel where I was, How I was able to see all this, than I felt that I wasn’t in a category of human till then and felt myself as a tree and can’t explain the difference between that time and present time. It was like spirituality was their in everything, in air, trees, I mean everywhere. The kind of peace, love, spirituality was present in the atmosphere, it was something out of our imagination.

Now what should I say about three of them. They were strong, beautiful, tall and a beautiful light/glow was all around them, which we call abha mandal in hindi but I must say sita’s presence was the strongest among them, she was more than a imaginable beautiful. During the session, I also saw bharat crossing my way (may be it was the time when he was going to meet Ram, Sita and laxman). When I left that life, my soul even saw the bridge which was made by vanar sena.

In next life I saw myself as a rabbit playing with luv-kush when they were around 10-11 years old. In that life I got the feeling of getting afraid, I saw myself scared and than end of my life, couldn’t see my body, may be some animal ate me. next life was a cow, when I was too young than someone brought me home but later on didn’t keep me well so I was really hurt because I was attached to him so this is the life where my soul was introduced to a feeling of emotions, attachment and hurt.

Next life was of a lion who was in a cave. The life was that while chasing a deer, I got hurt and somehow I reached to cave and spent my rest time there in pain, helpless and a bit angry about my helplessness as an animal. That was the life I was introduced to anger and helplessness. Next I saw myself taking a birth as baby girl (finally in a human category) and my connection was lost so I requested my therapist to take me out.


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