Fear of being murdered

This case is written by the person only in his own words who went for PLR session.
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Dear Madam

It was a very good soul cleansing experience. I came for a PLR session on 25th of July. My experience in brief:-

I went back to the year 1529, I was a general in the Rajput kings army and Mughals invaded Bikaner. I was killed in the battle. Then I further went back to 11th century when a 30 year war took place between Richard Lionheart – Christians and Sultan Salahuddin – Muslims for Jerusalem. I was the army chief of King Richard and had a magic sword – Excalibur. I was murdered in my tent in the night for the sword. Then I further went back to 2500 BC, when emperor Chandragupta Mauriya established Nalanda university and I was a Buddhist monk who established this university – I died a natural death at old age. Then I came back to 1945 – June 7. I was an American pilot in a US Airforce B-29 bomber on a mission to bomb Berlin. My plane gets hit and I eject and para glide down to the streets of Berlin, get captured and killed by German soldiers.

This was my experience – key learning – I have to find my magic sword and the number 13 plays a major role in my life.

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