Fear of going to office

images (2) (1)A 28 year old boy came to me for PLR. His problem was with office that he is so scared of going to office, giving presentations and fear from his seniors. Sometimes he gets so restless that he takes leaves for 3-4 days and locks himself inside the house.

During PLR he saw himself in 1935 working as a sweeper in some office where people used to misbehave with him all the time and made fun of him. Nobody ever spoke to him nicely and used to scold him on every small thing and even hit him. One day there was a robbery in that office and they all put a blame on him and beat him so badly that he became unconscious and they threw him outside the office. Later he somehow managed to reach his home but he was so badly hurt and felt so angry and insulted. After sometime he opened a tea stall that worked so well that it became a big famous shop there. One day his boss from that office visited him and behaved  nicely with him and told him that the robbery was done by the other person in the office.
By the end of that life this man had everything but he could not forget and forgive that insult and when he died he had those thoughts in his mind that continued to this life also.
We should always treat everyone nice without keeping there cast, category, level , etc. At the end we all are human and we should keep the humanity alive in us. You just treat someone badly but you don’t know the pain of that insult and how deeply it might affect that person and what if in some life o someday you also have to go through with the same pain. Be nice and be human.
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