Fear From Spirituality

A 35 year old man came with a strange problem. He belongs to a family where the atmosphere is very spiritual and he himself is quite attractiveimages (2) to spiritualism but he still is afraid of meditation which is the only medium to know your real self. He feels that the moment he would enter the meditation, he will loose everything and everything will be spoiled. He would go away from his loved ones.

During regression he saw himself as a lady in a village near Vaishali, She and her friend were decorating the place and the whole village was being decorated because Gautam Buddha was supposed to visit there. Everyone in the village was so desperate to listen his discourses. When Gautam Buddha entered the village,  the atmosphere became so spiritual and it seemed like he was few inches above the ground and floating in the air (like a feather). Later he saw that after the discourse Buddha started giving Sanyas to people. That lady’s husband was also going to take sanyas. That lady stopped her husband and tried to get him back but couldn’t do anything. She and her friend then went to Buddha’s disciples to ask for Sanyas but they denied. At last she and her friends suicide by hanging themselves from a tree and left that life with few questions:
Can’t be a lady enlightened?
Can’t a lady take sanyas or follow a path of spirituality?
After this session the man decided to do do meditation everyday.
Meditation is a magic that keeps on transforming the person in a spiritual way and the person becomes more and more aware about spirituality.
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