iStock_000004971968SmallOne girl came to me whose problem was that she doesn’t have faith in marriage or love and friend relation. She went through her past life regression where she saw herself as a well educated girl in a Punjabi family based in Delhi. She saw herself so desperate to get married but it was not so easy in that life because of the white marks in her body. Her family also didn’t put much effort for her marriage. She also saw that she used to like someone who got married to someone else. Later she saw herself with a man and later in life she saw affair between her husband and friend which was the reason of their unmarried happy life and unlimited number of fights. At the end saw that her husband killed her by burning her. She saw that everyone thought that she did suicide but the reality was that her husband killed her.

Conclusion:-  In her past life she was so desperate for getting married but the result was that horrible that in this life she doesn’t believe in relations or marriage. Her husband and friend both cheated her so that in this life she doesn’t wish to get into relations.

Similarities :–   She saw her younger brother as his elder brother in past life and present mother as a sister in law in pat life. In past life she was a strong , broad minded and independent character in this life aslo she has a same kind of character.


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