Don’t Curse Anyone… It affects you also…

main-image-spiritual-musicA young girl came up with a problem of fear from snakes, not only that she even sometimes feels them around her. She also had constant problem of back pain.

Another thing was since her childhood she used to hear a voice that calls her and she always feels someone around with her. There is a lot of negativity in her life and whatever she does, she never gets succeeds. She has been into many religious places and has done every worship she could do but couldn’t get rid of it. Finally she decided to do PLR.

In her session she saw herself in 1962 as a cruel man who lives alone and goes to a forest for hunting and kills a deer. Later he was bitten by a snake and died because of the poison. The vision of hunting and killing a dear was so painful for that girl. From this life the fear from snake started but now will be healed as she knows the reason.
In another life she saw herself as a Arabian princess who used to leave alone in her palace. Her parents were no more and she was supposed to get all the kingdom and power. But her Wazir wanted to take all that away from her so he once went to her room and tried to physically abuse her but princess called her soldiers and got him arrested but with the help of his power that minister managed to escape. Later she saw that she was walking in a garden with her lover who is also her boyfriend in her present life. That Wazir came there with soldiers and locked them in prison. That Wazir tortured them a lot in prison to get the power of kingdom from her hands. He even killed her lover in a very cruel manner. Princess got so hurt and angry that she cursed him that his soul will always suffer and roam around and he will never get anything. Wazir also got angry and killed the princess as well . After sometime he also died due to an accident.
That girl now understood that she has to forgive that spirit as that spirit has been following her life by life to get free from this curse. That is why this spirit only was creating troubles again and again in her lives. During healing session she forgave her from the bottom of her heart and sat both him and herself free.


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