Depression & Dissatisfaction

calisan-memnuniyetsizligi2A young man came for a past life regression who belongs to a normal family, doing good job and having good earnings. He is living a normal and a happy life but still he is not satisfied. He doesn’t feel like doing anything.  He is not so ambitious and doesn’t have much desires. He feels no use of running after money or fame.He always feel an emptiness inside.

During PLR session he saw himself in a rich family living in London. He was in college where he was in love with a beautiful girl and spends beautiful time with her.He was interested in theater acting but becomes a lawyer later because of his fathers wish. Later he gets married to the same girl and was blessed with 3 children. To give them a luxurious and good life he makes money by taking wrong cases or supporting wrong peoples. He used to lie a lot in his profession of law. Later in life his children got married and left them alone and later his wife also died leaving him behind all alone. Rest of his life he spent thinking of wrong things he did with others. He became so weak and died after falling in a bathroom. Leaving that life his soul is in deep guilt and thinks that what was the use of all this? What did he get running after money and lying for all this?
This is true that we all have to die someday and our body ,all the efforts, relations, money leaves behind in every life but it doesn’t mean that we should stop living life or think that life doesn’t have any meaning and go into depression . Life itself is a joy and we should celebrate life everyday and in every moment. We should live life in its totality. We should accept it the way it is as we only have chosen this to learn something on the basis of our KARMA’S in past lives. Love, celebrate, live in present, live for others and to do all this enter into the world of spirituality. Meditation will help you in this and to find your real self. It will open all the closed doors which have been created life by life by our Karma’s and we will become more aware about ourselves and our Karma’s.
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