Closed Doors


downloadA lady came for a PLR session. Her problem was that there is a man who lives in the same building as her. She feels so attracted towards him and each time she passes through him, she feels immense pain in her heart and goes blank for few moments.She started falling in love with her and with each passing day her love was growing strongly. She became so restless that she decided to finally confront that men and after doing so she got to know that the man also has some feelings for her and she had a feeling that he loves her so deeply. They spoke once or twice and that lady was so happy but suddenly that man stopped talking to her and started ignoring her.

The lady was so upset and starting feeling restless and pain in her heart. Her eyes were always finding him. On this base she went for PLR session and saw herself in Hyderabad as a muslim girl who got married into a muslim family. Her husband was the same man in present life. She saw that they were so happily married and that man used to love her like anything. He was so caring for her and they were deeply in love. Later she saw him passing through the financial crisis and those crisis were that critical that the only way to come out of that was getting married to another girl who wanted to support them financially and that proposal was introduced by her mother-in-law itself. At first that man denied to get re-married but later having no option left he agreed on this. the girl was in such a deep state of shock in this situation that she couldn’t even react and remains silent at that moment. Her relation with her mother-in-law has never been okay and after this 2nd marriage her mother-in-law treats her like maid. Later she decides to go back her father’s place. Her father comes to meet her and ask her to keep patience and wait for the right time but that girl was not ready to listen anything and returns back to her fathers place. Later she saw that her husband comes to meet and take her back but she never meets him and locks herself in a room and shouts on everyone for ruining her life. She had a boy also as she was expecting when she left her husband home.That man returns many times in that life to take her back but she doesn’t even meet him. This continues for whole life and once her husband tells her that she will regret one day as its not right . At the end of that life she saw herself ill and alone. She regrets for whatever she did and opens the door which she never opened for her husband and she dies after that. Later her soul goes to her husband and finds him on a bed holding her picture in his hand. He kisses her picture and gives it to his son. After seeing this she decides to comeback and goes through the same pain which she gave to him in this life.

If we don’t understand the situation of others and becomes so egoistic that we don’t accept what comes to way and put others in trouble because of that, then we always have to come to a life where we have to go through the same trouble but then also the karma is completed if we deal with that situation patiently

Now this lady is going through the same pain of distance and ignorance which she gave her husband in past life but now as she has seen this , she will handle the situation with patience and learn her lesson to fulfill her karma.

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