Body of Male but feelings of Female

12-14-12-gay-coupleA 24 year old boy came for a past life regression. His problem is that he has all the feelings like a girl. He feels like dressing up as a girl, he likes boys, especially a childhood friend of his with whom he is very much in love.

He went for a session and saw himself as a girl who had a love relationship with a boy (his current life’s childhood friend). After being in a relation for so many years that boy went away without saying anything that why and where he is going. After waiting for him for so long girl got married because of family pressure. Later she saw that the boy came back and she again started her relation with him and once again he left her without saying anything but this time she got to know that he also got married. She felt so heart broken that she killed herself.

In present life also his friend went to another country without telling anything to him and they have no contact with each other.
In another life he again found himself as a girl working in a office where she was attracted towards her boss. After so many attempts she finally gets the attention from him and get into a relationship which doesn’t last for so long.and stays alone for rest of her life.
In another life he found himself again as a girl who used to live with her uncle aunty as the parents were no more. Her aunt behave was very bad towards her. She used to do all house work and still her aunt used to scold her all the time. Once her aunt’s brother visited them and at night raped her and continued it for everyday till he was there. Her aunt knew it but never said anything. Girl got married and continued to stay with them only. Her aunt brother whenever used to visit them, used to rape her. Whole life was like this, full of troubles.
Now the feeling of hurt was so deep that the he didn’t want to take birth as a girl again as he thought that all that happened to him because he was a girl. His soul decides to take birth as a man but the problem here is that the basic nature and feeling is of female only but now as he know the reason so he will start living his life peacefully and will be able to accept himself as the way he is.
We all should understand that its not about body, its about soul. Instead of making fun or feeling sorry for such people, we all should accept them as normal as we accept each other. We all should learn to see and understand the things beyond body. all these things are lying in our unconscious mind that needs to be understood and healed.
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