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Neelam Singh

Neelam SinghThe beginning of my search – I was suffering from the fear of death and disease. What was the reason that since my childhood I was so scared from all these things as there was no such event took place in my present life which could grow this fear in me so where did it come from, if not from this life than was it from past life?

I began to search answers of my questions and was thinking too much that it started troubling me.

My Journey is still going on and it was just one of the gift I got from life but there is a lot more to find. life is full of secrets and I want to know all but now as I know the ways I want to share this with everyone who genuinely is suffering from the same problem, I faced once. I will be grateful if I can help somebody who really needs help.I had a fear of death since my childhood and my life was negatively affected beacause of this fear. While I was on difficult paths I received a book of my guru OSHO and I started reading the book and for the first time I could see the path which could take me to my final destination where I could find all my answers and that destination was meditation. I was going deep and deep into the meditation and that was the time I started thinking about my past lives and my interest was growing strong and strong that one day I finally saw it and I came to know the reason of my fear from death and disease. Now the main challenge was how to figure out that what I saw was true or just my imagination so for this I found a solution of past life therapy. I took my session and saw exactly the same thing. It helped me to find my next step and it was learning and understanding the techniques of past life therapy.

OshoMy personal experiences helped me a lot in my journey because now I knew what I was doing was correct. We can never see or remember something we have not lived. All the memories of every life we have lived is stored somewhere in our mind that we keep forgetting in each new life but it is stored in us and with little effort we can see those lives again like a movie. There are only two ways to do that either go deep down into the meditation or by knowing past life.